Best Fishing Spots in Tasmania

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It is good to have an ideal place you can get away for an excursion such as a fishing spot. Tasmania is known to have the world’s greatest fisheries. Its remote and pure waterways make it the most preferred choice for fishing activities. 

Discovering Tasmania

As a guest, you may be stranded on where to begin. Following are some of the best fishing sites in Tasmania. 

Port Arthur

If you are looking on catching yellowtail kingfish, flathead, reef fish, squid or Australian salmon then this is the place to go. The area also has some jetties. Another good thing about this bay is the fact that it is sheltered from harsh winds. Besides, this is an excellent place for discovering the history of Australia as well as familiarize with the origins of the Australian Customs. 

Browns River, Kingston

This fishing site is just 15 minutes’ drive from the Hobart city centre. The spot not only is good for fishery but also for dog exercising. With this, you can take your dog with you for fishing. 

Pirates Bay, Eagle hawks Neck

This is best fishing site for octopus, squid, Australian salmon, and flathead. It is loved for its jetty fishing and beach features. There are many charter boats that operate externally providing outstanding offshore fishing experiences. This breath-taking vista is among the best outlooks of Australia. You can easily access it by taking Scenic drive, which is past the Lufra Hotel. Do not forget to carry your camera with you since it is has impressive landscape worth capturing. 

River Derwent at New Norfolk

Derwent River is known to be among the top leading attractive spots in Southern Tasmania. The area is ideal for trout fishing from several riverbanks, which are within reach. However, to avoid having issues with the officials of River Derwent you need to have a fishing license. Best fishing spot to catching barracouta, longfin pike, flathead and Australia salmon. You can experience best fishing at the shore and there are unlimited access points. Sand worms, pretty fish, and prawns can act as best bait. 

Tyenna River

This is the highest fish population site with approximately 150 fish per stretch of 100 meter. Fly fishers prefer this fishing spot. Browns and rainbows can be caught easily using many strategies. Yearly, many water monsters that are more than 5 kilograms are normally caught from this water body. The ideal time for fishing is when the water is average to low and summer is tolerable. There is a possibility of catching a fish from the whole system. However, Maydena has more overgrown ones. You can as well as try the tributaries although the fish there are a bit smaller. 

Why Tasmania hold the best fishing spots in the world 

• Tasmania remains the leading fishery due to its ample water supply for feeding its inland and it is also disease free. 

• Its clear water undoubtedly leaves fishers with a real experience and also it makes sight fishing an actual attraction. 

• Tasmania has broken many game fishing world records. The wild brown trout found in Tasmania is so far the purest strain globally. 

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Misconceptions About Scuba Diving In Fiji


The truth is that Fiji is renowned around the world for the scuba diving opportunities that are available. Unfortunately, we also see many different misconceptions that developed as long as time passed. We can say that most of these are actually the same that we see with this activity in many other locations, not just in Fiji. With this in mind, let us think about diving in Fiji and highlight those misconceptions that you should dismiss as soon as possible.


Scuba Diving In Fiji Is Cold


There is this perception that is really cold in the water but that is definitely not the case. We have to understand that when you experience scuba diving in Fiji through ParadiseinFiji or a similar reputable agency, the equipment you use is based on where you dive. When it is winter and you go out, you wear suitable clothes. The same rule appears when you go diving in Fiji. When the water is too cold, a special full length wetsuit will be offered.


Diving In Fiji Is Expensive


To be fair, a few years ago the prices were really high. It was hard to afford going scuba diving in Fiji. However, it is not actually the case now. Because of the evolution of the entire tourism industry, we now have access to a huge diversity. You need to take the necessary time to look at all the deals that are available on the internet. For instance, scuba diving Fiji with ParadiseinFiji is quite great when referring to price tags.


Remember the fact that prices are lower now than they ever were. It is really important that you end up with a great experience when referring to everything associated to scuba diving from accommodations to equipment used. Make sure that you read reviews about basically everything associated with a diving package you find. See what past tourists say and you will definitely end up making a really good choice.


It Is Hard To Learn How To Dive


We noticed that there are many people that do not want to go scuba diving in Fiji because they never went scuba diving in the past. Well, the one thing that you have to understand is that it is really easy to learn the basics of scuba diving. Also, when you choose scuba diving Fiji with ParadiseinFiji or with reputable travel agencies in general, you can be sure that you will be supervised. When you have a professional to teach you it is a guarantee that you will find everything to be quite easy! Also, there are diving spots available for different skill levels from beginner to professional. It is not hard to find a great location according to your skill.


You Need To Be Really Fit To Dive


This is basically a common misconception that is almost always associated with scuba diving. One thing that you may not know is that swimming under water is actually easier than when you are swimming regularly. You are weightless under water and you can relax a lot while diving in Fiji.


On the whole, scuba diving in Fiji is a great experience and there is no reason why you should not try it. We are confident in saying that you will love the choices that are available.


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Article written and offered to GuidedFishingTasmania by Adrian Cruce, travel enthusiast, blogger and lover of everything that is beautiful in life. Get in touch with him on G+ to discuss Fiji travel options and a whole lot more.

Keep Your Fishing Holiday Accommodation in Tasmania Pest Free


Pests are one of the main threats to any hotel. Pests like termites can destroy a building and cause customers to cancel reservations. Keeping a hotel free of termites and other pests requires constant attention to detail. There are several ways hotel owners in Tasmania can prevent termite and pest problems in the building.

Keep Plants and Debris Away From the Hotel

Termites and pests can increase in numbers unabated when outside a hotel in mulch, bushes or piles of moist leaves and twigs. Any type of termite control must start with keeping these potential sources of pests away from the hotel. Any plants or piles of debris that are close to the hotel will provide natural shelter the termites can use to get inside the building. Any plants, stacks of wood or piles of outdoor waste need to be kept one to two feet away from the hotel. This is enough space to stop termites from gaining easy access to the building.

Cover Potential Entry Points

Termites can burrow through wood and create tunnels in other materials. They are far more likely to enter a building that has open entry points. These could be necessary open areas like air conditioning vents or drainage pipes. They could also be cracks in walls, gaps around window frames or holes in the roof. Every termite treatment must involve covering these potential entry points. Open structural points can be protected with a screen or mesh. Cracks and gaps can be sealed with caulk or another sealant. This will make it much harder for termites and pests to get inside the hotel.

Check Rooms for Pests after Guests Leave

Good termite control needs to start by determining if there is an immediate problem. Rooms should be checked for all types of pests after guests leave the hotel. Signs of termites include raised ridges on windowsills, doorframes and other pieces of wood. There might also be unexplained sawdust on the ground around trim and baseboards. A slightly sour and unpleasant order could indicate a termite or bedbug infestation as well.

Prevent Puddles and Leaks

Termites and other pests will not thrive or stay in a hotel that does not provide the colony with water. Effective termite treatment must involve prevention of puddles and leaks that could offer pests a source of water. Plumbing problems in bathrooms, common areas and hotel fixtures like fountains should be fixed as soon as they are detected. Puddles should be cleaned up fast. Dry hotels are unattractive to pests.

Schedule Regular Professional Inspections

Every hotel owner in Tasmania needs to schedule regular professional pest inspections. A termite control service will go through the entire property looking for signs of problems. Professionals can perform preventative treatments and eliminate any infestations. Inspections should be scheduled every two to three months at least.

For Those Who Love Fishing, Tasmania is a Great Place to Call Home!

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The island of Tasmania has long captured the imaginations. Famous for its wild life and its unique regional culture, Tasmania has an identity that is all its own, inspiring wonder and a sense of adventure in visitors and newcomers alike. Surprising to many, the island has a total population that has just exceeded a half-million people, meaning that while Tasmania includes vast tracts of unspoiled nature, it also has a population that can sustain the amenities of modern life, especially in the beautiful, ocean-side urban center of Hobart, the state capital. Immigrants can contact a migration agent to learn even more about Tasmania’s growing economy, robust job prospects and more.

The Natural Beauty of Tasmania

Tasmania is home to a number of differing ecological zones that include dry grasslands, evergreen eucalyptus forests, alpine heaths, temperate rain-forests and mountainous areas. This variety exists often within a few hours driving or less of one another, much to the delight of those who enjoy weekends and holidays spent outdoors. The roads in Tasmania are generally considered quite good with ongoing maintenance and upgrades since the 1980s. Migration agents often have more recent information on transportation and other topics around Tasmania and its natural areas.

Types of Fish and Fishing Available

Tasmania is known for both fly fishing and game fishing. Although not native to the island, wild brown trout are among the best catches in the island’s 3,000-plus rivers, streams and lagoons. These fish are highly prized by all fishing lovers who visit the island. Unlike much of the world trout population, these are renown for their healthiness and genetic purity.

For those who prefer ocean fishing, Tasmania’s game fishing waters are home to world record-holding catches, particularly southern bluefin tuna. These waters are conveniently located only twenty minutes from the shore and easily accessible. A migration agent can offer tips for finding reliable fishing excursions that venture into international waters around Tasmania.

Fishing Destinations around Tasmania

For flying fishing, some of the best locations include places in the glacial highland region and the South Esk and Macquarie rivers as well as the calmer Huon River. The Central Plateau also offers unique fishing opportunities. For game fishing, off the shore of Flinders Island, St. Helens, and the Tasman Peninsula are all good locations to put a line in the water. Migration agents can provide information on proper licenses and fishing safety for all new immigrants who want to explore Tasmania’s waters.

For all those considering Tasmania as their destination in their new homeland of Australia, the fishing opportunities and varied natural beauty cannot be matched anywhere else in the country. Tasmania is a place of multifaceted wonders, certain to help build a lifetime of new memories.

Alaskan Fishing: Fishing for Pokies



For fans of pokie games, also referred to as slots, Alaskan Fishing is the perfect game for you. Whether you’re a fan of fishing or not, Alaskan Fishing is an exciting game that will entice you with its unique theme and the 243 possible ways to win. At its most basic form, Alaskan Fishing is a 5 Reel Slot game that was designed by Microgaming, one of the top game creators in the industry. One of the most thrilling aspects of this game is that it was created to allow you to hit jackpots much more often than similar pokie games, making your play time all the more enjoyable.

Another key aspect of the games appeal is that, as its name implies, the graphics that you see on the slots were designed with a fishing theme, the pictures standing out as unique and enticing. When playing, you will encounter such symbols as a bear eating a fish, a salmon, a fishing reel, a boat and a bait box, among a number of equally appealing images. The background consists of a deep river and a forest of trees, setting the theme fantastically. It’s even possible to run into the wild symbol of the game’s logo, which can double as most other symbols. This is one of the many free pokies that you can find at Pokies.com.au.